Our Technologies

Our offices are equipped with top-of-the line equipment to ensure your oral health is cared for in the most comprehensive and current methodologies available.

Our staff consistently trains on the equipment and our doctors are always looking for new ways to bring modern and comfortable oral health treatment to our patients.

Facilities and Equipment

Digital X-Ray Imaging System (DEXIS)

Our state-of-the-art DEXIS system expedites the x-ray taking procedure while minimizing the amount of radiation exposure to our patients.

Digital Charting

Digital chart management allows maximum precision and organization of patient records, ensuring optimal patient care.

Intraoral Photography

Our intraoral camera displays large, clear, focused color photographs on our monitors to help patients understand the happenings inside their mouths.


The Diagnodent uses laser fluorescence technology to accurately and precisely detect cavities at their earliest stages, allowing us to treat some small cavities with remineralization techniques, preventing the need for large restorations.

Single Tooth Anesthesia (STA) System

This computer controlled anesthetic delivery system offers an effective and "painless" injection. By numbing only one tooth, instead of an entire quadrant of the mouth, we can treat teeth in different areas of the mouth at the same appointment. The STA system has received a Medical Design Excellence Award.

BioLase Diode Laser

Our laser assists in many soft tissue procedures, allowing access through the gums, killing bacteria, and decreasing pain and healing time. It is also used for deep cleanings, root canals, and removal of unwanted gum tissue.


CASEY is a continuously updated, in-office patient education program that provides necessary information about conditions, procedures and post-operative instructions so our patients are able to make sound decisions concerning their oral health.

VITA Digital Shade Match System

This advanced machine allows us to measure natural tooth shades in any lighting condition, monitor bleaching progress, order crown and bridge shades, and confirm the shades of our tooth-colored composite fillings.

Autoclave, Ultrasonic, and Dry Heat Sterilization Systems

We take every step necessary to guarantee the safest, cleanest environment possible for you to receive your oral health care through a variety of important sterilization techniques. We utilize a lab based testing system to ensure that our sterilization equipment is functioning at the proper level for the safety of our patients and staff.